Board of Directors​

East St. Tammany Habitat’s board members are volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds with the resources, wisdom, and passion to lead in constructive, effective, and meaningful ways.

East St. Tammany Habitat board is charged with long-term planning and governance, as well as overseeing the organization’s interests and well-being. Within these broad areas, the board develops policy, sets strategic priorities, governs, oversees finances, and raises funds, among other activities.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Michael Tassin – Chairperson

Chris Kaufmann– Past Chairperson

Amanda TrosclairVice-Chairperson

Lesley Beard – Secretary

Rodney Senat Treasurer 

Byron Farrell 

Courtney Elzey 

Dwayne Leal

Elwin C. Ordoyne, III 

Jonna Turner 

Kelly Rodriguez 

Lisa Harris

Shelia Guthrie

Stephany Ezell