Advocate for Housing

East St. Tammany Parish

Build Louder!

You can be part of the solution…. use your voice for change.

Hardworking people you encounter everyday in Eastern St. Tammany Parish qualify for a Habitat home based on their annual income. 

Many of these people would have difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage and often get caught in escalating rent they cannot afford.

East st. Tammany Habitat for Humanity (ESTHFH) mission is to transform lives and our city by building quality homes for families in need of decent affordable housing and by uniting all around the cause of affordable housing. 

And while we have built more than 138 homes locally, it would still take us 5,000 years to meet the current need for affordable housing in St. Tammany parish.

That is why we challenge governments, faith communities, corporations, and volunteers to raise their voices and pens as well as their hammers to solve the housing crisis here in St. Tammany Parish and across the globe! 

Join us in building a movement to eradicate poverty housing from our communities and neighborhoods. 

Become an Advocacy Ambassador to take the next step in Building Louder.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the action of supporting a cause or proposal to change systems, structures, policies, or attitudes. You are calling on someone with power to take action. That power can derive from different sources — from an elected or legal mandate, or from popular support and the power of numbers.

Why Should I Advocate?

While necessary, it is not sufficient to only raise awareness to make lasting social change. You also have to shape public policy that will sustain that change within institutions. That means getting informed about housing issues, calling and writing your elected officials and voting.

How Does ESTHFH Advocate?

ESTHFH as an organization does not endorse specific candidates or political parties. We support broad-based and practical policy solutions that stand the best chance of producing and preserving the largest number of affordable homes for our area. We work in partnership with religious, educational, civic, labor and business groups to build common ground for affordable housing for everyone .

What Does ESTHFH Advocacy Look Like?

ESTHFH mobilizes our volunteers and advocates to make their voices heard through online, on paper, and in person opportunities to Build Louder. These include sending emails and letters of support and participating in special events such as public demonstrations and speaking engagements.